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1. School Symbol

The School Symbol of Daeduk College consists of three circles divided into upper and lower parts and separated into blue and white sections.

The middle circle represents a belief in sincerity, truth, and honesty. The left part of the second and third circles represents love, and the right part represent righteousness. Also, the top part symbolizes practice, and the bottom part symbolizes wisdom. White represents humanistic education that produces students with purity, truthfulness, and integrity, and blue stands for practical academics that produces expert professionals who can fulfill their dreams and potential. The intersection of white and blue symbolizes the "specialized professional with a caring spirit" that is demanded by society in the 21st century. The intersection of blue and white three times within the three circles and the completion of a circle on the outside border expresses the values that we need to prioritize the most: flexibility, negotiation, and cooperation.

Finally, it displays the identity shared by Daeduk College's students, faculty, and school foundation members that allows them to combine their strengths in perfect harmony for the sake of continuous rejuvenation.

2. School Motto
School Motto

3. School Tree
School Tree

4. School Flower
School Flower

5. School Animal
School Animal