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Introduction to Korean Language program

1. Entry Requirements and Program Length
Entry Requirements: High school graduate or above
Program Length: 2 terms per year
Ten weeks per term(200 hours)
Class meets 5 times per week(Mon-Fri), 4 hours per day(9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m)
2-3 weeks of break between terms

2. Program Schedule
Program Schedule
Term Starting Dates and Length
Spring (1st term) 1st week of March (10 weeks)
Fall (2rd term) 1st week of September (10 weeks)

3. Required Documents for Admission
Application form for admission
Certificate of graduation and transcripts from the last school
(translated into Korean and notarized)
Bank statement of the applicant or an immediate family member showing the equivalent of $10,000 USD.
proof of employment or proof of income of the financial guarantor
Photocopy of student’s passport
Photograph (5 copies)