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Department of Electronics & Automation

1. Name of Department
Department of Electronics & Automation

2. Catchphrase
"Fostering engineers in the semiconductor equipment manufacture and
industrial automation industries!"

3. Introduction
Educating electronic engineering (u processor and semi-conductor process)
and automation device technology (PLC, motion, inverter, industrial network,and HMI)
Fostering professional specialists of semiconductor equipment and industrial automation
in the fields of LCD and LED manufacture
An accreditated department by the internationally centified Accreditation Board
for Engineering Education of Korea(ABEEK)
Providing field education at the center of automation experience and at the education
center of Rockwell Automation, a global company industrial automation.

4. Possible Career Paths
Semi-conductor manufacturing company such as Secron Co. Ltd and SEMES Co. Ltd,
subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics
Companies specialized in operation, maintenance and repair of
automation facilities such as SI/SP of Rockwell Automation and Hankook Tire, etc.
LCD and OLED manufacture companies such as LG Display and LG Chem
Compenies specialized in operation, maintenance and repair of automated production
equipment such as Solbrain Co. Ltd and ELEK Co. Ltd.