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Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering

1. Name of Department
Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering

2. Catchphrase
"Fostering professionals with global competency in precision
machinery design and manufacture"

3. Introduction
Educating and training global precision machinery designer and manufacturer with
creativity and pracctical skills
Nurturing the ability to use the latest engineering tools as well as the technologies and
methods necessary for precision machinery design (incl. automotive and aerospace machinery)
and manufacture
Preparing students for employment in both home and Japan through
industry-college partnerships

4. Possible Career Paths
Companies in the field of machinery such as Samsung Electronics,
Samsung Electro-Mechanics, LG Chem, LG Display, SEMES and Dong-A Pharmaceutical
Overseas employment in Japan
Public officials in technical post
Transferring to a 4-year university
(e.g. transfer to Dankook University without an entrance exam)