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Department of Computer Engineering

1. Name of Department
Department of Computer Engineering

2. Catchphrase
"Play the central role in the smart and advanced IT era!"

3. Introduction
Providing balanced education on both computer software and hardware
Computer and IT
educating computer basics and fostering technological specialists of IT
Web design
fostering specialists in field of web programming, contents
production and internet ventures.
Applied computer science: mastery of server operation, security and IT skills
Nurturing software specialists through the software specialist
training program initiated with Samsung Electronics

4. Possible Career Paths
Research institutes in the Daedeok Reserch Complex, Daejeon Government Complex,
public institutions, major companies, or financial institutions
Samsung Electronics (class 4 open recruitment for graduates of technical colleges)
Medium-sized enterprises specialized in web design and IT, or
starting an online shopping business
Higher education : transferring to Hanbat National University without an entrance exam