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Department of Ammunitions

1. Name of Department
Department of Ammunitions

2. Catchphrase
"The one and only department in Korea training experts in ammunitions and explosives!"

3. Introduction
Cultivating ammunition and explosive specialists required by the military
Equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage ammunitions
as junior officers in the armed forces through courses on chemistry,
artillery science, ammunition management and ammunition supply

4. Possible Career Paths
Technical noncommissioned officer (Armed Forces): ammunition management, rocket
artillery, and nuclear, biological and chemical operations
Commissioned officer candidate: after transferring to the Korea
Army Academy at Yeongcheon
Transfer without an entrance exam: Department of Chemistry Engineering at Chungnam National University
(in excess of the entrance quota based on the agreement)
Employees in the defense industry, or civilian military employees
preferential recruitment based on recognition of experience as a military officer
(must satisfy the qualification criteria)