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Department of Air Defense Weapon

1. Name of Department
Department of Air Defense Weapon

2. Catchphrase
"Safeguarding the airspace and land territory of Korea!"

3. Introduction
The highest percentage of military scholarship recipients (air defense, artillery
strategy, anti-aircraft, guided weapon) with 69% (312 students) through the
military-academic partnership with the Army Headquarters
15% of the graduating students (67 students) became commissioned officers based
on partnership with the Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon
391 out of 455 graduates (86%) from 2004 to 2012 became commissioned officers
(CO) and noncommissioned officers (NCO) based on the education support and
academic exchange agreements signed with Consolidated Army Logistics School and
Air Defense School, respectively

4. Possible Career Paths
Technical noncommissioned officer: air defense management, anti-aircraft services
nd guided weapon maintenance, etc.
Commissioned officer: weapons and other specialized fields after graduating from
Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon
Employees of defense industries
(Samsung Thales and Poongsan FNS, etc. based on employment agreements)
Transferring to national universities without an entrance exam: Chungnam National
University's Department of Megatronics engineering or Kongju National University's
Department of Machineries and Automobile Engineering
Preferential recruitment as a civilian military employee
air defense and weapon systems