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Department of Combat Specialty NCO (Noncommissioned officer)

1. Name of Department
Department of Combat Specialty NCO (Noncommissioned officer)

2. Catchphrase
"The top department fostering military officers in Korea!"

3. Introduction
conducting physical examinations in the Army Headquarters to verify the qualifications of students at the
Department of Combat Noncommissioned Officer Training.
Recieving full military scholarship for 1 or 2 years.
The top department of training students to be commissioned as sergeants by the
Non-commissioned Officer Academy.
Graduates are given priority during the recruitment of army officers.

4. Possible Career Paths
Non-commissioned officer an infantry, artillery or armored soldier in a frontline unit
Transfering to Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon to become a commissioned officer
Transfering to Chungnam National University, Kongju National University or Hanbat
National University to acquire a bachelor’s degree