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Department of Marine Underwater NCO

1. Name of Department
Department of Marine Underwater NCO

2. Catchphrase
"There is nothing impossible! Venture into and explore the broader and deep oceans!"

3. Introduction
A military-academic partnership with the Navy Headquarters
One and the only college department in Korea fostering noncommissioned officers
for the Navy UDT, SEAL and SSU
Fostering special agents and technical noncommissioned officers for the Navy,
Marine Corps and Army (regular and special forces)

4. Possible Career Paths
Graduates are given NCOs for the Navy UDT, SEAL and SSU and
the Marine Corps and technical NCOs for the Navy
Transferring to the Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon or become an NCO
for the Army (regular and special forces)
Transferring to partner university : Hongik University
SWAT officer, firefighter, diving technician, scuba diving instructor,
swimming instructor, first aid instructor, etc.