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Department of Social Welfare

1. Name of Department
Department of Social Welfare

2. Catchphrase
"Social welfare experts who will change the world!"

3. Introduction
Educating welfare experts with unrivaled competency in the welfare fields, serving
people of all ages from young children to seniors
Offering theoretical and practical education tailored to the national certification criteria
Endeavoring to achieve 100% employment rate through equipping students with the practical
knowledge and skills demanded by the rapidly changing society through systematic and
diverse overseas education and domestic field training programs

4. Possible Career Paths
Social welfare centers and assisted-living facilities: facilities for children,
youth, seniors and the disabled, etc.
Child and youth welfare: community and counseling centers for children and youth,
youth centers and organizations, etc.
Family and recuperation/rehabilitation: healthy family support centers, home social
welfare center nursing homes, senior clubs, etc.
Public social welfare worker
Transferring to a 4-year university or in-depth specialization program