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Department of Early Childhood Education

1. Name of Department
Department of Early Childhood Education

2. Catchphrase
"Department of Early Childhood Education, a cradle of future-oriented and
specialized early childhood teachers!"

3. Introduction
A department with 30-year history fostering daycare and kindergarten teachers
specialized in early childhood education
Providing a variety of internship programs and character training programs to foster
professional teachers the expertise and qualifications in the field
Qualification certificates that can be acquired
teacher’s qualification certificate (Class 2 Regular Kindergarten Teacher),
national qualification certificate (Class 2 Childcare Teacher),
private qualification certificates (Beginner in Origami, Class 2 Balloon Art, Class 2 Book Art, and/or Class 2 Childhood Physical Education)

4. Possible Career Paths
Teacher, assistant director or director of a public or private kindergarten,
or a national, public or private daycare center
Entering the general graduate school, graduate school of education or graduate school
of special education after completing the in-depth specialization program
Employees of at a company related to childhood education