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Department of Beauty

1. Name of Department
Department of Beauty

2. Catchphrase
"Beauticians and estheticians with practical skills and entrepreneurship mindset!"

3. Introduction
Providing training in skin care, nail art, makeup and hair styling
Offering systematic and customized education for employment
Nurturing creative beauty stylists
Operating "talent sharing" volunteer programs and student
clubs to enhance the students’ practical skills
Running short-term courses : trendy hair styling, makeup, nail art,
Korean-style skin care, DIY cosmetics, etc
Running courses for the acquisition of national qualification certificates
Running short-term beauty courses and intensive courses for international students

4. Possible Career Paths
Large corporations: SK F&U, KBS, MBC, TJB (broadcasting companies),
Galleria, Lotte Department Store and Hyundai Department Store
Hair salons: LEECHARD PRO HAIR, Herjun hair, Park Jun Beauty Lab, Mr. Hair Salon
Nail and skin care shops: Bongsunga nail, White Face, Yaksonmyeongga,
DS Aesthetics, and Oracle Aesthetics
Wedding and makeup shops: Won Dong Choi Total Wedding,
Atelier Mango Wedding, La Marie Wedding etc
Business startups
Transferring to a 4-year university