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Department of Applied Physical Education

1. Name of Department
Department of Applied Physical Education

2. Catchphrase
"The way to success, it is Daeduk!"

3. Introduction
Preparing students to become specialized sports-for-all instructors and leisure sports
instructors with theoretical expertise and practical skills
Conducting classes at outstanding sports facilities (fitness center, golf course, futsal
field, tennis court, foot volleyball court; fitness and exercise tolerance testing facility)
Programs to help students acquire the related qualification certificates
Realizing a new education paradigm through apprenticeship programs matching students
with advisors and operating student assistance programs such as scholarships, overseas
training, fitness center, leisure sports training, etc.

4. Possible Career Paths
A sports-for-all instructor, instructor at a commercial sports center or a company
Exercise test and sports curer, sports center manager, or sports center operator
Sports equipment manufacturer, sports event operator, or a coach for
a school or private sports team
Referee/umpire, sports reporter in mass media, sports program director
for TV networks, etc.
Transferring to a university