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Department of Theater & Film

1. Name of Department
Department of Theater & Film

2. Catchphrase
"Dream a core of cultural industry leading the trend of the 21st century!"

3. Introduction
Fostering experts in theater and video contents production, regarded as one of the
most promising field in the cultural industry in the 21st century
Providing integrated education on theater and video contents production, incorporating
the areas of performing arts including theater and musicals as well as TV and film contents
Conducting workshops each term for hands-on experience and for a broader view of the
theater and film industry from industrial as well as artistic approaches
Equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities for acting,
contents planning and production training
- Professors with extraordinary field experience

4. Possible Career Paths
stage, musical, film and TV actor or actress, comedian, host/presenter,
singer, dancer, voice actor/actress, and model, etc.
concert/performance planner, video content planner, manager,
and theater manager, etc.
Performance production
producer, house manager, stage director, technical director,
stage design, lighting design, and lighting operator, etc.
Film production
director, camera director or technician ,lighting director, or technician,
music and sound director, art director, set designer and producer, costume designer, prop designer,
editing director, and location management, location scouter, etc.