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Department of Fashion & Living Design

1. Name of Department
Department of Fashion & Living Design

2. Catchphrase
"The right place, where your dreams are realized!"

3. Introduction
Specialized education on fashion design, styling, display, accessories and living design
Providing practical education for a job at a fashion and distribution company in Korea
or abroad (U.S., Italy, Australia, Japan, China, etc.)
Assisting students to start their own business

4. Possible Career Paths
Fashion designer, stage costume designer, musical costume designer, shop manager,
merchandiser, visual merchandiser, fashion buyer, fashion director, fashion editor,
fashion designer (formal wear, casual wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, stage costume,
reformed costume designer, etc.), fashion stylist
(for TV shows, movies, theater productions, musicals, magazines, fashion shows, etc.),
and fashion display designer (department store, outlet malls, etc.)