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Introduction to Degree Programs

1. Entry Requirements
High school diploma
Level 3 or better on the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

2. Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar
Semester Starting and Finishing Dates
Spring At the beginning of March to June
Fall At the beginning of September to December

3. Required documents for admission
Application form for admission
Plan of study
Signed agreement to pay tuition
Certificate of graduation and transcripts from the last school
(translated into Korean and notarized)
Certificate of TOPIK
Bank statement showing the equivalent of $18,000 USD in the bank account of
the applicant or the applicant's immediate family member
Proof of employment or Income statement of financial sponsor
Proof of Korean language proficiency
Photocopy of student’s passport
Photograph (5 copies)

4. Tuition and Fees
Estimated costs for 1 year of study (2 semesters)
Estimated costs for 1 year of study (2 semesters)
Cost Amount Comments
Tuition 5,898,000 won 2,949,000 won (Engineering), 2,400,000 won (Humanities)
Admission 329,400 won 1 time payment
Dormitory 1,700,000 won

2 payments of 850,000 won per year;
housing not provided during vacations

Insurance 0 won Insurance conforms to the policy of the Korean government National Health Insurance Service
Total 7,927,400 won
※The above program schedule and fees are for 2019 and are subject to change.

5. Reminder
Degree program students must apply for a D-2 (Study abroad) visa
Visa applications should be submitted to the Korean embassy or consulate in the
student's home country (except China)
After graduation, students can transfer to 4-year universities holding partnership
agreement with Daeduk College
Foreign students are waived 30% from the tuition if the academic result of
the previous semester is above 2.75(B0) and 20% if it is below 2.75(B0).
(No waive for the students with F grade)