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Department of Military Engineers NCO

1. Name of Department
Department of Military Engineers NCO

2. Catchphrase
"Facilities for modernization of elite combat engineers and military facilities, and cultivation of noncom officer and commissioned officer for equipment, and military personnel (public officer)"

3. Introduction
Cultivation of outstanding elite combat engineers and noncom engineer officers in the area of construction for military facilities under the banner of ‘First In, Last Out’ in concordance with expansion in the demands for construction of infrastructures such as roads, railways, bridges and buildings, etc., arising from the modernization of national defense facilities and expansion of interaction between South and North Korea (unification)
Cultivation of military officers (noncom and commissioned officers) and military personnel (public officers) equipped with capabilities in specialized engineering technologies (combat engineer, construction engineer and equipment engineer) on the basis of construction engineering including advanced technologies such as BIM, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and construction robots and drones, etc. to pursue smart construction related to 4thindustrialrevolutionalongwithmilitaryscience.

4. Possible Career Paths
Appointment as noncom army engineering officer, air force/navy facility engineer and noncom officer
Transfer to Army Academy 3 with major in civil and construction engineering for commissioning as engineer officer after graduation
Transfer to 4-year degree university with major in the area of construction, civil engineering and environment